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The Serial Founder | Hitesh Dhingra @ The Man Company

Updated: Jul 27

“Its pay to stay authentic and talk to millennials with the language they understand” - Hitesh Dhingra.

Hitesh Dhingra is the founder of The Man Company - an exclusive men’s only grooming brand. He is a 4x Entrepreneur who has been a pioneer across various industries. Right from starting an eCommerce site, a dating site & now The Man Company, Hitesh has a proven track record of identifying unmet consumer needs and capturing the early adopters market. 

In this episode of Founder Thesis, our hosts Akshay & Saurabh are in conversation with Hitesh to learn more about what it takes to capture the millennial market. 

Key takeaways from the show: 

  • How to bootstrap and save resources. 

  • Generating VF Funding. 

  • How to connect with the Millenial consumers. 

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