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Careers in Branding & Merchandising | Piyush Suri of 5BY7

“No matter what, set audacious goals. When you set audacious goals you will meet them.” - Piyush Suri. 

A 1st generation serial entrepreneur, Piyush Suri is the CEO & Chief Storyteller at 5BY7 a premium corporate gifting & promotional products company. In this episode of Beyond Campus, we sit down for a chat with Piyush to explore career paths in the branding & merchandising space. 

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation with him: 

  • Exploring opportunities to find the most suitable career path

  • How to create brand engagement through merchandising

  • How to bootstrap and grow your startup 

  • How to ensure that you have a predictable pipeline of customers

  • Future of branding & brand extensions

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