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The Founder Thesis is the first podcast by The Podium Media Co. where we talk about stories of success, of failures, of hard work and sleepless nights, of the dreams and reality and of leaving a legacy behind!

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Dickens said, it was the best of the times, it was the worst of the times. The words never been truer.


Best because there’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur 


Worst because the clutter is mind-numbing. 


The Podium aims to break through the noise to bring you the stories of success & failure, grit & struggle, bouquets & brickbats and more from some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs in India.


Akshay Datt

Akshay is a serial entrepreneur and a Linkedin Micro-influencer. His entrepreneurial journey started at his B-school MDI Gurgaon, where he set up Unnati - the first student run Mutual Fund in the country.  


Today his venture Unnati is a leading recruitment - tech startup that provides affordable concierge hiring solutions to clients. Akshay has held a lifelong fascination with the people who dare to disrupt, and with the Podium he hopes to discover what makes one a successful disruptor.

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Saurabh Garg

Saurabh is an entrepreneur, writer, and an adventurist. With The Podium, Saurabh wants to learn the method in the madness from other entrepreneurs, creators, and adventure junkies. 

Saurabh runs C4E and is a MBA from MDI Gurgaon.

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