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Things you do after an event is over

7 Things That You Do After An Event Is Over

A hard and a long day at work comes to an end. Well, almost. After an event is over, irrespective of how it goes, almost all event managers end up depressed after all the adrenaline that an event pumps into their system. I wrote about this last week. Here read it. Quite a few friends from the industry read it. And a handful of those who read it in entirety (it was a long piece at some 2000 words) called to say that they could relate to it, word by word. Of course everyone had a different perspective. This is what makes life awesome — multiple perspectives, multiple personalities, each as different as chalk and cheese. But then, everyone who called, invariably agreed on one thing. The thing about post-event depression. And then I thought may be it would be a good idea to explore this depression in little more detail. Actually not depression but things that people do, after an event, to get over their depression. I mean I reckon that most men in jobs that …