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The Ultimate Checklist for Planning the Perfect Event

The Ultimate Checklist For Planning The Perfect Event

Events are an invitation to your audience to experience your brand and business in person. There is a physical engagement. There is an opportunity to form an emotional bond. Most of all, events provide you with a means to accelerate your sales cycle. With tons of intrusive messages seeking the attention of your target audience every single day, traditional push-marketing tactics are losing their effectiveness. How do you stand out in all that noise and make yourself heard? Traditional advertising channels are unidirectional. No one really enjoys being on the receiving end of a hard-sell. Events on the other hand create a meaningful dialogue between a brand and its audience. No wonder brands reserve 25-30% of their advertising budgets for creating or sponsoring events1. Gone are the days of billboards, TV and print ads screaming messages in large print to an unsegmented audience. With events you reach the exact audience intended, allowing your brand to be highly visbile, delivering the intended brand perception, increasing enaggement by creating a community of loyal followers and advocates and strengthening …