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Should You Work With An Event Planner?

Decided to host an event? A very real dilemma a lot of people face is whether to rely on their own people internally to execute an event or work with an event planner. We hope to answer that question for you.

An event is a significant opportunity for you to connect with your stakeholders – whether they be your clients, your employees, analysts or your fans. When you put people in a room together (or in the garden, if you are hosting an outdoor event), they will remember the time based on their interaction with you. And that means, not just the conversations had, or lessons imparted, but also the ambience, the decor and maybe even the food and beverages served. Irrespective of how long or short an event is, it is an opportunity for you to create something memorable.

What good will a jam-packed hall be if your audience does not even enjoy the show? More importantly, how would you even get those seats filled in the first place, if you cannot at least guarantee a quality time? Planning an event is so full of uncertainty that the very thought of it for the uninitiated can be nerve-wracking.

That’s where an event management agency or an event planner comes to the rescue. I know what you’re thinking. Hiring a planner could be an expensive affair. But how much more expensive would the entire event turn out to be if you were to execute something that didn’t woo your attendees? Or worse. The microphone didn’t work just when the panelist began to talk. Or the keynote speaker realized during his hotel check-in that his room booking hadn’t gone through. Or your attendees were left stranded in the sun while they waited for a pleasure yacht to show up, that doesn’t arrive on the scene for another half an hour.

Crippling, wouldn’t it be?

An event planner can take your event from concept to execution smoothly. Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Event planners are adept at taking an event entirely from design to execution

An event is akin to giving birth; you conceive a concept, you nurture it, you prepare every little thing for the big day until you finally bring the event to life. It’s a gradual process that requires patience, creativity and a lot of expertise. Without an event planner in the picture, you would be burdened with the task of not only conceptualizing and executing the event, but also managing various stakeholders, keeping an eye on the budget, and on bad days, even firefighting when things go wrong. Working with a professional minimizes that risk of losing control and maintain your sanity.

Events need massive quality assurance; an event planner can deliver that

Events aren’t as simple as making a to-do list and then assigning those tasks to vendors and getting things done. While there is a scope defined, events really are about possibilities, probabilities, and feasibilities. There has to be a Plan A but also a Plan B and C, just in case. An event planner will have worked on a number of events in the past, so they really live with the belief that “Everything that can go wrong, will.” This makes them great at quality control. They know how to keep the entire machinery well-oiled and running. They know how to get things done on-time, how to juggle between different priorities and often they come with a highly skilled team.

Event professionals have a LOT of contacts. Guess how they come in handy?

If the idea of working on an event by yourself doesn’t seem nightmarish enough, contemplate this.

How are you going to scout for a venue? Who are going to be your judges, panelists or speakers? Who is going to work with sponsors? Who liaises with the entertainers? What about logistics? And that’s not even an exhaustive list. There’s publicity to be handled, planning for participants, invitations to be sent out, catering, music and light technicians to be worked with. If you aren’t familiar with the drill, not only will you be at a loss in figuring out the right people to work with, you will end up spending a LOT more than you should. The right event planner knows his way around. They have a lot of contacts. Or rather, they have strong relationships with different stakeholders. Which means, while you might get a regular discount, an event planner will be able to grab a better deal on your behalf. They are skilled at negotiations. And they can do all this without compromising on quality.

Events are arts meets technology and an event planner knows how to oscillate between the two

Events are an experience; this means a lot of technicalities go into devising a beautiful end result. Working with a professional partner injects efficiencies, creativity and surety into the entire process. If you can share your vision for the event accurately and establish the objectives of what you are trying to achieve right at the outset, an event planner will be in a much better position to deliver an event that is not just unforgettable but actually helps you meet your goals. They will know how to design the event based on not just what you want to achieve but also keeping in mind what your audience is most likely to find engaging. Event planners are well-versed in event technology so they will be able to guide you much better as to what technical devices should be used on the floor for interacting with the audience, how to leverage the event using social media and how to personalize all of it for the attendees.

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